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Thursday, June 14, 2012

10,000 + moments

Life is filled with moments.

We tend to concentrate our energies on the big monumental events. But really our lives are truly shaped by the 10,000+ moments that shape who we really are and defines not only our character but reveals our faith.

It is easy to look past these moments and let them slip by unnoticed. However, once you really begin to take note, you begin to grasp God's hand at work in you and those around you.

I have had many moments just in the past couple days, and a few worth sharing.
1. The flip flops This week, I am director of one of the hallways at VBS at my church. I need to get there early to get everything together and organized. As we are loading up in the car, I remind the kids to get their 'stuff'. We leave in plenty of time to not feel rushed. However, as we step out of the car, one child has NO shoes on! 
This is one of those very minor moments-
how will you respond?
With anger and ugly words or gracious and resourceful?
Lucky for me and my shoeless child, God had prepared my heart. One, two phone calls and we had shoes delivered!
Responding with grace is not always easy to do but it reveals Christ's love every time.

2. The correct change? We went to the movies today,  
$1 summer movies.
So, total cost for me and the kids, $3. I gave the cashier $5. We were in conversation before she gave me the change. She then handed me the tickets and $17.
As I walked into the theatre I kept second guessing myself, did I give her a $5 or a $20?
 I just wasn't sure.
The kids wanted candy and popcorn, but frugal mom said 'no'. Then, the thought crossed my mind, 'spend the extra money on treats for the kids'.
Needless to say, they didn't get extra treats!
After the movie, I couldn't take it anymore...
I asked the front manager if they could check their register to see if it was off by $15.
After ten minutes of my kids wanting to leave, yes indeed- the register was short and I gave them back the money that I had improperly been given. I thought the manager and the cashier were going to pass out. It was the right thing to do and a great teaching moment for the kids (and the employees at the theatre).

3. Unnecessary damage As we got out of the movie, I received a phone call from my husband stating that our SeaDoo had been stolen. I rushed home and found that our SeaDoo was vandalized to the point that it was inoperable and left abandoned floating down the lake. Two workers on a barge spent over an hour recovering it and were kind enough to bring it back to our dock. They had also found our jackets, wet suit, and boat cushion that was stolen as well. It is at this moment, you can let Satan win and fill your heart  with anger and bitterness or truly give it up to the Lord and see His great hand of protection. My kids and I prayed for the person that did this to our property, we also prayed for His great hand in protecting our family from harm, and praised God for the kind hearted men that helped me recover our stolen items.

It is at this time of being violated
that you take up your armor and stand firm. 

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