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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SuperMom Syndrome

We seem to be in a time of the SuperMom.

Super busy lives, super committed, super dedicated, And last but not least Super Stretched to the limit.

I will admit, I set the bar for myself to become a SuperMom. I really wanted that title. I wanted to be the mom that volunteered for everything, helping at school, at church, and on whatever sporting event my kids happened to be playing. These all sound like great ambitions.

And, isn't that the goal anyhow? To be everything to everybody?

  It really does sound appealing and for some of you that can pull it off without flinching, you do have my respect!

However, I have found in my short 9 years of parenting that the more I stretch myself, the less effective I become. When I volunteer for all these great things, I have great intentions. The problem lies in the fact that it steals hours from my priorities. I find myself curbing my time with my kids to be behind the computer, I drive from point A to point B forgetting half the items I need, I find my stress level rise, and lose my temper and patience too quickly.

Most importantly I over commit and under deliver.

These variables don't add up to SuperMom!

The good news is, God has been speaking to my heart.

When you fall on your face or even just have a small stumble along the way, God is so good at giving you a good reality check on what is really important. I am thankful to step back and re-evaluate my priorities.

Pride and Ambition have to be given a backseat in order for God to drive the Mom bus on the correct path!

Does this mean that I have to say no to everything?

But it does mean using my time well in keeping aligned with my God centered priorities.
I may have really wanted to be SuperMom
but I will take the title of simply Mom.
Please forgive me if I say no,
if I try and fail,
& even if I commit and disappoint you!
I know I will fall,
 know I will stumble,
But for now the only stretching I want to do
is to stretch my arms around my kids
And just be there!

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