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Monday, May 07, 2012

Bittersweet Sacrifice

We are on a car ride to church when it was exclaimed from the backseat, "someone wrote on the seat"!  Then the mystery began...
Who did it? 

This debate ended abruptly for our church service and lunch but no worries, it resurfaced from the backseat on the way home.  As we arrived home, no one in the backseat department volunteered guilt to the said graffiti.  Since someone had to be punished for the violation, we choose to spank both in hopes that the guilty party would step forward.

Indeed, someone DID step forward!

My son spoke up and said, "I did it".  Daddy then proceeded to spank him.  As this process unfolded, my daughter held her head low and "just couldn't watch".  As I probed in a little further, I found that my son had stepped forward and taken the blame for something his sister had done!

In one instance, I was so proud that my son would take it upon himself to carry someone else's burden.  He kept saying, "I just don't want her to get in trouble". 
And in the same instance was so sad that my daughter would allow him to take the blame for something she did. 
In every instance of parent-child discipline, we have a discipline and move on, or to recognize God's great hand at work.

So many lessons learned from such a simple act...

Putting yourself before others, humility, repentance, loving kindness, forgiveness...
I am so thankful to have these 'God moments' to look back on and see the the refinement in my children.

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