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Saturday, January 07, 2012


I thought I would go ahead and call this post what it is...or at least what it might be to some.  T.M.I.  If you are like me, and arent 'up' with all the abbreviations, you are probably asking, what is TMI- so if you are, this disclaimer is for you, TMI= To Much Information!  Yes, I will go ahead and admit, this blog entry may be too much for SOME of you.  So, you may want to go ahead and STOP reading.  If you are still is at your own discretion!
Do you have a nickname for your beloved?  My husband and I have nicknames for each other.  They arent your everyday 'Honey' or 'Babe', although honestly, we do use those names more often than not!  But we also have nicknames that have come from some inside meaning that makes it meaningful to us, maybe not to anyone else, but it makes US smile!

My nickname for my husband is Snickers.  You must be asking Why? I am so glad you asked!  Do you remember the ads for Snickers? It satisfies.  That is my husband, he keeps me satisfied. 
  • Meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone).

  • Fulfill (a desire or need).

  • My husband = Snickers (satisfaction)
    12 years of marriage, happiness and filled with joy.  But what about those days when I wake up on the wrong side, what about the days when he doesnt help around the house, what about those days when he is grumpy or stressed out? Is he still my 'Snickers'? 
    The short answer is...Yes. 
    The long answer is, I have something more than satisfaction.  I have comfort and FULL dependence on the Lord!
    So, Yes- my sweet hubby is and always will be my cup of satisfaction but my Lord is the root of my devotion, love, and joy that I am able to derive and share. The Lord doesn't want us just to be 'satisfied', he want us to abound with His love and Joy.  This kind of emotion is not obtained by earthly means but only from the heavens above. 
    God has given us the promise of abundant living here, but true, long lasting satisfaction will only come when sin is completely cancelled, these frail bodies are made whole, and we see Him face-to-face.
    What is the area of dissatisfaction in your life? Someday it will be made right. All will be whole and well. If you know Christ, you’ll wake up and be satisfied completely.
    Lord, help me find my satisfaction completely in you.

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