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Saturday, September 17, 2011

No words

I was talking to a friend last week that informed me of a mutual friend of ours which is now battling throat cancer. She told me about how most days she can not speak and on the days she can speak, it is only a whisper. We talked about how difficult that must be and the challenge of discipling the children with no voice. I made the comment this might be a good test of my discipline ability (in other words self control in not yelling to get the kids to listen).

I have prayed for our mutual friend throughout the past week, for her healing, patience, comfort, and strength.

God has heard my prayers, I woke up this morning with a very sore throat, raw to be exact, and

I woke up thinking, praying for my friend - knowing that my voice will come back but feeling at least for one day what she must struggle with EVERY day. As I packed the kids lunches, I noticed a kindness and understanding from my kids, I prayed she would feel this same feeling from her own children. On the way to school, we always pray, but since I couldn't, the children got a chance to lead and have their voice
heard instead of mine, I prayed my friend would also find comfort in her children's words. As the children got the wiggles in the car and I became frustrated with the inability to speak loudly (yell) at them, I prayed for my friend to be filled with patience that only the Lord could provide. Then I arrived at my bible study fellowship, after explaining several times why I could not speak, I prayed for my friend to be filled with encouragement and support. It was then time to start singing hymns. At this time I realized that even though my singing
voice is a whole lot less that desirable, it was part of my worship. I smiled and mouthed the words, praying for my friend to be filled with whole hearted worship that no words could ever speak as loud as she
could feel!

God is so good at all times.
If you ever want to know how someone feels, pray for them!

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