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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Talent Show

My son came home from school very excited about his first day.  He filled me in on the activities of the day.  He began searching through his room and gathering up his toys.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said he needed to bring something to the talent show!
 I was thinking to myself, isnt that a little ambitious to have a "talent show" on the second day of school?!  But I thought, well maybe the teacher just wants to get them excited about their new class. 
So, I let him go through the toys and pick out what he wanted to bring.
The next day, we are dressed and ready on time.  We head out for school, first to drop off my oldest, then my youngest.  As we are half way to my daughter's school, my son declares that we have forgotten his supplies for his "talent show".  I knew I wasn't going back home, so I told him that he had many talents- we could come up with something else.  It didnt take long before my son came up with a Plan B.
He asked if I could bring in his favorite CD (Toby Mac) so he could dance for his class! To this idea, I thought well...I think I need to walk in and talk to the teacher.  When I got into the classroom, I asked his teacher about the "talent show", she just looked at me with a blank stare unsure of what I was talking about.  Then she began to smile and informed me that they had just talked about the Fruits of the Spirt and how God gifts us with TALENTS.  Apparently this discussion had made quite an impression on my son.  So, when I told her about his idea...she ran with it! 
As I pulled up to pick him up from school, his teacher had a glowing smile.  She informed me that not only did he dance for the class, he even performed with his air guitar.  She proudly said, "Well, at least I know he was listening to our talk about fruits of the spirt, he just took it to a whole new level". 
What a great way to start his first week of Pre-School!

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