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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Greek Salad

The Greek salad
I recall going to the beach with my parents as a tween and throughout
the teen years. We had our favorite beach spots including our
frequented activities and restaurants. On the top of my fav list was a
Greek restaurant. I haven't been back to this particular beach in too
many years to count, if I did- it would surely disclose my nearing 40
However, this year I have given into a pleading request from my
parents to bring the kids to their Florida retreat home at this very
beach! I am excited that not only am I able to avoid a 12 hour drive,
but instead lengthening an 'already-in-progress' family vacation! I am
also looking forward to seeing my parents' place for the very first
time. (they didn't have this place way back in the days)! The kids
can't wait to spend time with their grandparents.
But I have to be very honest here.... One of the things I look forward
to most is going to Manny's and getting that Greek salad that I
remember all too well. I remember just how the lettuce is cut and how
it was smothered just so with feta cheese. I have had many Greek
salads since then (my husband can account far too well the last 10+
years) but none of them have quite measured up to this particular one.
So I ask myself, is this a memory that has gotten better in mind over
all these years OR is the salad REALLY that good? Either way, I can't
wait to find out!

As we pulled up to the infamous Manny's parking lot, it looked much the same as I remembered.  The sign, the parking lot, the building, even the red and white checkered tablecloths on the table.  As we sat down to order, I was sinking into the comforts of familiarity.  I didn't need to look at the menu, it was already decided what I would order...a LARGE Greek salad.  Little did I know my dad thought this order was for the table to split.  As he loaded up my plate, I couldn't help from wondering if it would live up to expectations.
I took the much anticipated first bite and well.....It was good!  It  was so good, I enticed my parents to bring me back for a second round at the end of the trip.  Some memories are exaggerated in our minds, some just really were and are THAT good, this is one of them!

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