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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go, First day of campers!!

Let the registration begin!
We prayed for God to send a large number of children, and He did just that!
We had over 80 campers today. 
This number is up from last year at the beginning of camp by 20 campers! 
By the end of the week, our total was up to 166!!

Everything seemed to flow seamlessly...
From the games
  to the pool

to arts and crafts

Even though we had more campers than expected,
everyone worked together well in helping through each step of the day. 
The extra help was much appreciated especially at lunch-

When we prayed for unity among our team, the Lord poured out His blessing.
I pray for our camp team, leaders, and counselors to have perserverance throughout the week, to touch the lives of these campers with Your Truth, may their lives be forever changed by your word Lord!

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