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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Number my days

As a wife, mother, teacher, friend, nurse, photographer, maid, chef, and volunteer in too many tasks to even begin to name- I often feel 'scattered'.  I am sure this is a shared emotion among many moms.  I have often felt that I need to learn the power of the word 'No'.  This word seems to be missing from my vocabulary at times.
I have been praying for the Lord to orchestrate my days, SPECIFICALLY, yes- I need the Lord to be VERY specific, because knowing me- I might miss the obvious. 
I wanted to just remove things from my plate.  When I went to friends for advice, they offered, "quit committing yourself"! This is a great suggestion, but then how do you know what to say YES to and what to say NO to?
For a short time, I had pushed aside several of my hobbies thinking that this would 'make more time'.  At the end of the day, I felt like I had short changed myself and felt unfulfilled.  So, now what?
I continue to pray for guidance, to remove any distractions, to organize my days for His glory. 
So, what does that look like?
Is that suppose to be a mom running around hectic, forgetting a lunch box or a backpack for school, a load of laundry always waiting for me, or a 'to-do' list that never seems marked off?  I am not sure but I am in pursuit of a better answer.

So far, not much has been removed from my plate, as a matter of fact I think I may have even added a couple things.  No surprise to those of you that know what I am talking about (and those of you that don't- you receive my ultimate respect for keeping it all together!).  Last week, I was ready for a change and I got an answer.  Actually, I believe it was a SHOVE because I am not so sure that this would have been MY answer. I am a person that loves my sleep.  Don't get me wrong, I don't nap and lay around all day but I do like to go to bed at a decent hour (usually 10pm) and I like to sleep until at least 7am, a full 9 hours is definitely a must.
However, my answer is going to change that...a little.  You have heard the statement, "there are not enough hours in a day". 

Well, I got the prompting to add several hours to my days. 

I am on Day 2 of getting up at 5am.  I made a calendar with all my reoccurring commitments and blocked off my morning to have uninterrupted time.  It is only the beginning, so check back with me after a couple weeks or even a month. 
But today, I got up at 5 after working night shift at the hospital and not getting home until after midnight.  For some reason I am full of unexplained energy.

  • And this was the encouragement I received from my morning bible study, too encouraging not to share...
He is my Redeemer, making all things, stretching out the heavens before me, frustrating the foolish and wicked, He conforms me and my words, He raises up the wastelands, He is my shepherd and I may find my pleasure in Him, He shall be my strong foundation, He shall open doors before me that NO man can shut, He shall make my path straight. He shall break any chains of opposition in my way. He will fill my life with treasures that I may better know the Lord and He calls out my name, I shall place nothing or noone before the Lord, He is there beside me, He shall be my only light, my calmness and peace. In all things, may He rain down righteousness and bring forth all salvation, may I look to God and say, "I am your clay, form and shape me by your hands, declare all things right", may I look to you for all strength for your glory. (study of Isaiah 44:24-45:25)

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