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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our world is getting so fast, everything is just at a touch of a button.  So many conveniences, you are literally able to do multitask E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I saw a facebook post recently (yet another convenience)stating, "I am downloading music on my computer, watching a movie on my Ipad, and surfing the web on my laptop".   Now that is getting it done! Seriously, I was just going through my normal day routine and thinking of all the things that make my life easier- from the atomic clock that I never have to set or change batteries, to the coffee maker that makes one cup at a time so I dont have to wait on the whole pot to brew, to my navigation system in my car.  You name it, our lives are filled up with things that yes make our life easier but also fill us up with busyness! Too busy to talk so I will text instead, too busy to visit a friend, just send a facebook message.
Are you too busy to do bible study, read God's word, or have devotional time? 
Incovenience me for your convenience, Lord! Allow me to have full focus and attention on you Lord.  Interupt me, shake things up in me, reveal to me what is in me that is not of you Lord.  More than anything Lord, I want more of you!  Will you say this prayer and then just move on with your day and the next task? Or will you commit yourself to it?
What if we stopped long enough to pause and see an inconvenience as a time to draw near to God?
Dedicate a full day of "fasting from the conveniences of this world"!
Whatever that means to you- turning off the phone, Ipad, computer, TV, Kindle, Ipod. What about doing something as drastic as turning all the lights off, sitting by candle light by the fire curled up with the family with a book- THE BOOK, GOD's word! What a beautiful time that would be for your family.  You might be surprised, you might enjoy it and want to do it on a regular basis! You might even have time to be there for a friend that desperately needs you, to see the needs of others,  and to get to know your neighbor- the blessings are endless when you make yourself available to God!

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