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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Careful what you wish for....

You may just get it! 
So, if you havent read my earlier post on the conveniences of this world,here it is in a nutsell....I was talking about how life is so busy!  We multitask everything and dont slow down for much of anything.  Between all the media, social media, and communications in general, our lives are filled up with informaional overload. 
So, I have been praying for God to direct my path, to remove any distractions in life that take my focus away from the Lord. 
We just went on a trip and I was looking forward to sitting by the pool, relaxing, and having quiet time.  I loaded up my bag with my Ipad, Ipod, phone, Kindle, camera, Itouch, bible, and journal. I read devotionals, a book that I have been meaning to read, took sunset pictures on the beach- Life was good!

It was 85 degrees out, so I thought I would take my bag back to the room and go for a swim.  On the way back to the room, I dipped my foot into the pool to check the temperature of the water.  I lost my balance and fell in!
And YES, I fell in with my bag full of electronics!
I went into panic mode, laid towels out, took batteries out of the electronics, ran to the hotel desk and asked for rice (to help draw the water out of the devices).  After the initial shock set in and I was back in the room, I realized that this was a very clear message that I had been praying for!  No, I don't think God pushed me into the pool but yes, I do think that this was a pretty timely incident.
The next day, something happened....EVERYTHING worked, Ipad, Ipod, phone, Kindle, camera, Itouch, all in almost perfect working order.
It was amazing!
I took this as a test.  God can easily remove temptations from our life but that would be too easy.  He wants us to grow in dependence in him and learn self control, to set boundaries for ourselves. 
I was very thankful that everything worked, but more importantly I was glad to have clarity.  It is time that I prioritize my time more efficiently.  I started by deactivating my personal facebook account and have made a commitment to be more intentional with my time.

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