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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Friends

We had our first tears shed today over the title of 'Best Friend'.  Who hasnt had the discussion at some point in your life (okay, mostly the female counterparts but hey- it is pretty common).  It is our culture to put a label on everything.  What does that mean really if you have more than one best friend?  It really lessens the meaning of the word.  The whole meaning of best means that it is better than anything else.  According to the dictionary meaning, best is "set above all others."
So the question remains, when using the word to quantify your relationship with someone, is it your intent to make another person feel inferior? 
It seems that this is a common occurrence when we embark on quantifying our relationships especially in female friendships whether in the school age years, teen years, college age, or adults.  Noone wants to feel that their friendship is less worthy than someone elses. 

I found this tearful moment a great time to really dig into scripture and have a teaching moment.  How does God want us to treat others in this respect?  He wants us to have special friendships! He also wants us to have great fellowships in which we lift each other up for His glory. 
We are all created in the image of God.  There are many differences in us and God, He is blameless, without blemish of sin, we will never be completely without sin.  We want to quantify our relationships while God is different, He is fair.  He doesn’t love some people more than others. All people are equal before God.
God treats everyone the same.  Wouldnt it be great if we could reflect that kind of love for others?  If we could stop labeling our relationships and just enjoy them for what they are.  Not every friend is the same, unfortunately it is human nature for us to 'like' some people more than others. 
But if you stop for a moment and realize that EVERY person has been called into your life for a reason, it might make you change your perspective. 
In conclusion, our affections and emotions may differ towards people considerably but how we show love to everyone should always imitate the love of Christ and God: steadfast, impartial and seeking what’s spiritually best.
For now, I will wipe the tears away from my daughter's cheek, expecting there will be many more times for us to have this same conversation.

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