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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Several years ago, I was given an orchid. I was given this flower during a difficult time. This flower has since become symbolic in many ways. When I was first given the flower, I was recovering from surgery after a miscarriage. So, at this time of loss, this flower symbolizes beauty and hope.

I have never been a person with a "green thumb". As a matter of fact, my philosophy for plants at my house is that they must need very little care to survive. Luckily for me, this plant needs very little water and very little care. However, I still had a few lessons to learn about this beautiful flower.

The first problem that I encountered was during the dormant stage. If you have never had an orchid, there is a period of time that the plant has no blooms. It looks like a pot with a stick in it. I had to constantly convince my husband not to throw away my orchid. This was not an easy task by the way! He would sneak my plant into the trash can and I retrieved it on many occasions! At times I have to admit, I wondered, "is it going to bloom again or does it really deserve to be thrown out with the trash?"

But with much patience, I have grown to appreciate the wait through the ugly phase. I have now had my orchid for 5 years and every time it blooms, it has more flowers that the previous blooming cycle. I do not get any questions about keeping my plant anymore. During its dormant stage, I make sure it is in a well lit area and allow it to soak it all in! I trust that with enough patience, this flower will bloom when it is ready.

This orchid is a good analogy to our daily walk in our faith. At times of trouble when we want to wither up and turn away, to throw in the towel, we need to trust in the Lord. We need to soak in HIS light. We need have faith and patience that in HIS time, when He is ready, He will reveal the beautiful plan for our lives. Each and every time we go through our "ugly times", learning from the past, and adding to the joy so our beauty can once again be revealed even greater than it was before.

Psalm 31:24 "Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for and hope for and expect the Lord!"
I never knew that I could learn so much from a delicate little flower but surprisingly I have learned a lot about beauty and hope!

All flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today!

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