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Friday, May 14, 2010

Have you ever driven down the street and seen people at the side of the road picking up trash? Sometimes these are misdemeanor criminals fulfilling their community service hours, sometimes these are devoted citizens taking care of their neighborhood. As I passed by the clean-up crew today, I noticed several individuals with shirts stating, “I am a drunk driver”.

For some reason, I could not shake this image in my mind. What does that feel like to wear that shirt? Is it worn with humility and remorse? Is it worn only with regret, sorry to be caught, and sorry to be wearing THAT shirt? Does the public format of wearing the shirt permeate to grasp the consequences of the action?

Then, I begin to take it to a personal level. What if I had to wear a shirt listing my sins! What would it look like? How would it feel to wear it? More importantly, would the awareness and exposing it allow me to step forward in humble remorse to change it?

What would your shirt say? Wear it if only in your mind.

It is the 'small sins' that lay the foundation of which all 'big sins' proceed.

In John 21:15-17, Jesus publicly confronts Peter three times in order to counteract Peter’s prior threefold denial of him. Jesus gave him this opportunity to confess humbly and forever erase his past shame so he could have a clear consciousness to correct his walk with the Lord and do what the Lord had called him to do.

What if our all knowing Lord, Jesus Christ could pull back the layers to expose your sin in a transparent and visible way? He doesn’t need you to wear a shirt stating your sins. He knows your heart and your intentions to change and become closer to Him OR to stay in your walk away from Him.
What will you choose to do with your sin?

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Preacher Man said...

Can I use this ina sermon I am working on?