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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Being a Mom is one of life's greatest roles. It is the greatest joy and it is also one of the greatest challenges, sometimes even in the same day!
Having children means that there is never a quiet dull moment at our house. It has been replaced with joy and laughter. And sometimes some less favorable noises too! It means waking up past 8am has been replaced with early rising to hugs and kisses. It has redefined 'late night' if the kids are still awake past 9pm! A crazy wild evening is making s'mores and 'swimming' in the hot tub. A gourmet meal is having pancakes with homemade preserves and not worrying about the red stain on your shoulder from having your shirt used as a napkin. Most embarrassing moments are thankfully not about me anymore! They are about walking into the aisle at the store, rounding the corner and hearing your child sing "Hey there soul sister.."

It is both a joy and a challenge to see a little piece of yourself reflected in your child's personality. What a beautiful gift God gives us to learn about our own imperfections and beauty in our children.

The love we have for our own children is a small sample of how God loves HIS children.

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