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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kendall has been begging for a cat for almost four years now. We have given her every reason in the book. Let's wait until you are older and can take care of it yourself being the number one reason! At Christmas I was almost campaigning to give into her request. But somehow we managed to hold off a little longer. Well..whether we were ready or not, our kitten was delivered to our doorstep! Almost a month ago, we heard meowing down by our dock. Kendall and Daddy went down to check it out. We started by just offering a bowl of food, then came the vet visit, the litter box, and now she is part of our family. She is only 6 months old, so she is FULL of energy (and let me clarify, that it "nocturnal energy"). She has brought so much joy to Kendall and Brenon! What a sweet addition. As Kendall states in her own wonderful words...

"Remember how I asked for a kitten and you said NO? And then I prayed and prayed, and POOF! God brought me a cat!
God is so good!!"

I just love the way she tells that story! Her words are so much better than mine.

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