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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Specific prayers get specific answers

I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do with my son next year in regards to a MDO program. For scheduling reasons with my daughters school and bible study on Wednesdays, it would be optimal to have a Monday only program! This seems like a simple enough request to find, right? Wrong! I have been checking around town for a long time now. I have really questioned whether I should be looking at other days of the week OR if I might not enroll him at all. But deep down, I just felt that he needed this little bit of extra interaction.
This morning, I was running a little ahead of schedule...which doesnt happen very often. As a spur of the moment, I drove by my church. I already knew that they did not have the Monday only program available. I just wanted to see what my options might be. When I left, I felt like maybe I should just keep my son at home another year. If he needed the extra time, it wouldnt be this difficult to find a place for him.
I went to bible study fellowship. We had a wonderful lecture (as usual)! One of the principles from lecture was "overcoming obstacles" in life", to pray boldly specific prayers so that you might be able to see when God specifically answers. Afterall, how do you know he has answered your prayers if you dont specifically ask.

Well...there is no question to it...He answered my prayer SPECIFICALLY!

As soon as I got out of class today, I had an email waiting on me. The director of the MDO program at my church had a request from another mom wanting Wednesday only! What does that mean? That meant that we could go in together and split the M,W program. What a blessing to not only have this answered but also that God cared enough to work out the details for it to be able to happen.
God is so good, not even with the small stuff but especially with the small stuff!!

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