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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Appreciating the Differences

Have you ever found yourself asking someone a question when you already knew what their answer would be? You already know that the other person is going to disagree with you and yet you proceed with posing the question! And somehow you want to get mad or upset with the answer as if by simply asking the question it would change their mind.

Well...that happened to me today. All I needed was just a little extra "yes" ,a simple bit of encouragement, or an affirmation of my idea. I already knew the practical answer and that was not what I was looking for! So, as I began my story- I could see that I was already shot down. I could tell by the look, the expression, without a word (that part came later), I could just read the "no" on her face!

UGH, so frustrating!

I have to admit a big part of me wanted to be mad, really mad. But then again, what did I have to be mad about? The honesty? Okay, let's be real here- the BRUTAL honesty. That is what you call it when you have a friend that cares enough not to sugar coat ANYTHING. If you dare to ask, then you are obviously looking for a truthful response. So take your medicine even if it is not exactly the flavor you wanted AND it is hard to swallow- just take it! Afterall, sometimes they can see better than we can what we really need!

A real friend always tells the truth. An honest answer is a sign of true friendship (Proverbs 24:26) Our similarities bring a common ground, but our differences challenge us to grow.

Isn't it funny how we don't necessarily want to hear the negative "NO" answer, yet we somehow find ourselves seeking out this very response. I think that this is an outward way of confirming our conscience. God aligns us and brings certain people into our lives. We may go through some of the same things in nature, but circumstances aren’t going to be the same as the next person’s, because of the person God created you to be! God made each one of us for a purpose and perfectly made by Him.
It is up to you to recognize the differences enough to respect and learn from them.

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