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Friday, October 02, 2009

I love this time of year. I love opening the blinds and letting the afternoon sun shine through my windows. I love seeing the rays of light brighten my home. I have a cozy spot at the front of my house that I sit and take in the beauty of this season. I also have a window at the back of my house that has no blinds or window coverings. One of my friends asked if I would be putting a nice window treatment over that window or something to cover it. My answer is and continues to be "No". I love keeping this window open, to let the light shine through my home. The sun rises and shines through the front and the rays of light continue through the back of the house with nothing to block it. I love the warmth that this light provides!

I am currently studying the chapter of John in the bible. He talks about how God is our 'light'. I think about my own life and how God is a light in my life. I know there are days when I think that I can conquer the world on my own two feet. I wake up with no prayer to start the day. I yell at my daughter to hurry and get ready. I rush her into school with only a quick kiss goodbye. I go through the motions of my day caught up in the "busy" of the day's events. My husband gets home and I am short with him. There is no true joy on these kind of days. These are the days that my blinds are almost completely shut. These are the days that there is none of God's light shining through the windows of my life!

Then there are days that I wake up and see God's beauty in my children's smiles. I get them ready for the day and we sing and laugh on the way to school. We turn up our Christian music loud and proud and sing the whole way to school. I drop off my daughter with sweet kisses and waves goodbye. I go about my day with an extra feeling of God's guidance through my routine. My husband gets home and we spend quality time together as a family. These are the days that my blinds have rays of light shining through the windows of my life!

Then there are days that I wake up early in the morning to spend time with God. I do my devotional time and reflect on God's plan for me this day. I wake up the kids with praise and song. Even when the kids are struggling to get ready for school, the morning still goes smooth. We sing and laugh together in the car. My daughter and I walk into school together and she hugs me with a warm embrace and takes my love with her throughout her day. I go through my day feeling God's warmth guiding me to opportunities to reach others and to best utilize my time. When I sit in traffic, my spirit is calm and quiet. When I go through my list of things "to do", the priorities begin to shift. Even as problems arise, I feel at peace. Even when it is dark and gloomy outside, the day seems to be brighter. These are the days that the Lord shines brightest through the windows of my life. The darkness is not able to creep into my day because God IS my light!

Don't let God just be a season in your life! Allow him to provide light in you everyday. Enjoy the warmth that only HE can provide. Find a cozy spot of your own with Him. Let nothing block out the light. Find the true beauty of the Lord in EVERY season in your life!

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