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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A glance at our family vacation...

All packed and ready to go, squeezing into carryon bags, stressed with the "do I have everything, do the kids have everything, do I have all my cameras" (laugh). We get to the airport with the excitement of the upcoming trip to find the announcement of an hour and a half delay! How do you entertain 2 small kids in an airport, one in need of a serious nap? Easy answer- Kendall found a new friend and played the entire time that we waited. She was actually sad as we boarded the plane! Brenon took a lot of walks in his rolling car seat and made it with minimal meltdown moments. We made it to the condo by 10pm and both kids were crashed the moment we got in the car!

Day 1- I woke up with a plan. Large cup of coffee, return the rental car, load up on groceries, and off to the beach. We got it done in record time! The first day at the beach was great but very revealing. We needed a couple things, water wings for our natural swimmer- the lifejacket was too containing and a stroller for a possible "nap time" for Bboy.

Day 2: We arrived at the beach with beautiful weather. The ocean was calm and the water was warm.

The kids enjoyed the sand and waves but much of the time was spent at the pool. Kendall came out of her shell- she began diving to the bottom, her swimming skills really surfaced. Bboy had his water wings and lots of confidence!
He started to swim UNDERWATER. It was unbelievable to see my sweet 2 year old, he swam like a big boy. We had lunch and then Brenon decided he needed his lovies. It was time to put the stroller to the test. I could not walk on the beach- the sand was too wet and thick. I took him for a walk on the sidewalk and road instead. It was great quiet time with the Lord. I took in the vastness and beauty and all the while Brenon fell asleep. I came back to the pool and he continued to sleep for over an hour. What a lifesaver to have the stroller!

We enjoyed the pool and the ocean. Then, bboy woke up and joined us for the fun!! After a long day at the beach/pool, it was off for a seafood meal and the best keylime pie for dessert!

Day 3-Bboy woke up before sunrise which allowed us to have snuggle time and I got to get in an early morning run. When Kendall woke up we got to see the first tee-offs on the golf course right outside our porch.
This spurred some great questions from Kendall. She asked, "is that all they do is hit the ball and then chase it?
And why do they ride in that cart instead of walk, are they just lazy?"
Very good questions coming from a 6 year old. Despite many encouraging attempts, Larry acted as if there was no golf course right outside our door. And the kids had their own kind of fun on the golf course...

I have to say that I didn't mind, we have thoroughly enjoyed our family time!

Day 4- We had a nice morning at the beach, the kids enjoyed the slides at the resort pool. We had a very relaxing night at the condo. That evening, Kendall decided she would sleep with us. As the night began, I enjoyed listening to the rhythmic sound of my daughter's breathing. It was very soothing. As the night progressed, I began to hear quite a different sound. It was a melody of snoring, a duet performed by father and daughter!! Not very restful, but quite entertaining to say the least!

Day 5
Great day at the beach. Incredible time on a date, quiet time just enjoying each other's company.

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