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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Camp TaPaWinGo was very rewarding on many different levels. This was my first mission trip. As far as expectations, I had a blank slate. We arrived at camp excited about the facility and worked together as a team to set up the chapel for our skits. On Saturday night, we went to bed but had a very sleepless night due to our two year old staying awake most of the night. We awoke on Sunday and got ready for church. I was beginning to wonder if this was not the time for us to be taking a family mission trip considering my son’s age. We were tired and our emotions were high. We got to church and the sermon was about being evangelically bold. This was the first of many “God moments” for me. I realized that we will always have roadblocks in our lives but it is NEVER an excuse to turn away from sharing God’s word! God had brought our family to the camp and to that very moment with a plan and a purpose.
My next “God moment” came when we went to meet the directors of the camp. They led a prayer with requests for the week. One of the requests was to have a nurse on staff. What an answered prayer that we had not one but two nurses on our team. Serving in this capacity allowed me to have several interactions that I might not have had the chance to have otherwise. Through one of my brief encounters with one of the kitchen staff, one of the other teenage girls had a heavy heart and unloaded difficulties that she was experiencing at home. I was so thankful to be able to pray for her and lift her up.
As day 2 came to a close, we had our time together to reflect on the day’s events and any moments that touched us throughout the day. I listened as our college age counselors prayed for our camp kids. I could not help from being blown away. I was impressed with their strong Christian foundation, knowledge of biblical truth, and ease in sharing the gospel. It inspired me to want to dig deeper in my own discipleship. It also inspired me to want to give this type of foundation to my own kids and hopefully to those children that were attending our camp.

I spent the majority of my time in the craft room with the camp kids. On day 3, I spent a good amount of time with one little boy named Denver. He was full of excitement and filled with questions. I was late getting into the dining hall for lunch but when I sat down to lunch, I found my husband sitting at a table with camp kids. Among the kids was my friend, Denver. As I sat down, my husband was sharing the gospel with Denver. I found it very timely that I had spent the morning with this one child in particular. God had obviously arranged the day’s events for this perfect plan to unfold.
I could go on and on with the moments that touched my heart and soul. I will leave you with just one more. As the week was coming to an end, I saw my daughter’s heart really grow and shine. She spoke more often about the Lord and began praying more on her own. She told me that this trip was her favorite vacation! This spoke volumes to me, considering we have recently been on a Disney cruise.
I am thankful for this opportunity to serve our Lord. I am looking forward to the next mission trip. But I also have a heightened awareness of the mission field that exists in my own backyard.

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