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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Do you ever look at your children and want to capture their energy and enthusiasm for life?

Today, I have spent a good portion of my day just trying to see life through my children's eyes. Call me naive, call me what you will but there is something about the fairytale endings and the unbridled honesty that is so appealing. It is makes me want to capture that childlike spirit. What happens to that complete, unwavering, and unconditional love that we have as a child?

I want to give in to my inner child. I don't want to doubt because the world says "that won't happen". I don't want to be scared to step out in my faith and show what I truly believe. It is too easy to get caught up in doing what society expects for fear that we might be judged by our society or we won't "fit in". We become jaded and tainted by life and what is expected of us, losing sight of the miracles around us and less expectant that one might actually happen!
I remember recently when my 5 year old daughter got hurt. We said our night time prayers and she asked for healing of her boo-boo. The next morning she awoke and she felt better. She ran to me and said, God made me better. I thought to myself, "Yes, HE makes us ALL better, doesn't He?". Children are characterized by their dependence and receptiveness. A child looks at the world with wonder and amazement and lives in joyful trust.

As followers of Christ, we should live with such dependence and receptiveness, not in childishness but in childlike faith, FULLY dependent on the love and mercy of God. We must have faith to throw away our doubt and believe that nothing is impossible for God! (Matthew 26 "with God all things are possible") Our God is good and gracious, he does heal the sick. In some instances, we see this healing through miracles. More often, He heals through someone, through a pastor, a physician, a parent, a spouse, a friend. Sometimes, He gives us the courage to deal with our pain ourselves. Once in a while, He allows the suffering to remain, but gives us strength to endure it. God takes care of all our sufferings, not always in "our" way or "our" time, but HE does take care of them.
Grab a hold of your childlike trust to see the wonders in the opportunities, relationships, and gifts God has for you! Faith is the foundation upon which we build our character; it supports the house where the Spirit can dwell and empower us. Don't become timid or make excuses. Step up and strive for more ways to please God, never doubting anything! A childlike faith unlocks the door to the kingdom of heaven.
HE is our fairytale ending!

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