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Monday, January 19, 2009

We took Kendall up to Cataloochee this weekend for some snow skiing. She was in ski school all day. After being on the magic carpet for most of the day, she did wonderful skiing down the mountain!

One of the most exciting moments for Kendall was building a miniature snowman!
Well...until it got knocked down of course!

Kendall has been praying for snow for over a month now. In attempting to ward off any disappointment, I have been telling her that we just might not get any snow around here. However, Kendall had faith that her prayer would be answered. It was such a wonderful day to see her smile and appreciate how God does answer even the smallest of prayers. She did not hesitate to say "I told you so", as I picked her up from school today! She makes me want to quit being so "practical" and dive in with both feet and have that type of faith.

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