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Friday, October 24, 2008

Disney...where dreams really do come true.
The magic began with dancing and dinner with Cinderella.

and the wicked step-sisters and of course the one and only handsome prince!

Kendall got to ride co-pilot on the monorail!

Toy Story was one of the favorite rides at Universal studios!

Dinner at Chef Mickey's was fun with all of Mickey's friends!!!

The disembarkment party was like a Spring Break party for kids!!

The shows on the cruise ship were amazing, from the Golden Mickeys presented in true Golden Globe format to a production of "Dreams come true"...

The first stop was the Bahamas. We enjoyed the waterpark at the Atlantis all day.

Next stop was Castaway Cay, a private Disney owned island. The kids enjoyed a treasure hunt while we enjoyed laying on the beach!!

Kendall's excitement made me laugh, cry, but most of all made my heart smile!

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Cosey Family said...

Hey looks like you guys had a great time! Need to talk to you about your trip. Looks like you guys did the land and sea. That's what we want to do spring break. What company did you use? And was it worth it? Tell me all about it!! Need as much info as i can get!!