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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Where is my handsome prince?

Kendall has been asking lately who she will marry. She watches all the Disney movies and sees the fairytale Cinderella story. She at first said that she wanted to marry her father. After many discussions, she now knows that while Daddy is a wonderful man and a great father, he is already married to her Mommy!
We have also tried to explain (as well as you can to a just turned five year old) that God has someone special created JUST FOR HER.
Even though she has heard this explanation, she is still in search for her handsome prince. Will it be our neighbor's boy that she yelled at from the dock in her white flowing dress up dress "I'm ready" or will it be her life-long playmates, or someone at her new school--yet another curiousity!
For now, she is happy playing dress up and the next boy she sees that gives her a smile, well...he must be THE ONE!


The Simpson Family said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Your children are both precious!

The Simpson Family said...
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Anonymous said...

This is creepy