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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Creation Museum
This museum is filled with exhibits, mini-movies, artifacts, and explantions of Genesis. We had a wonderful trip. Scroll through a sample of our visit....

This part of the museum reminded me of a sermon we recently attended at church, so I thought I would share a portion with you. The message comes from, 1 Timothy 5-11. We (as a body of believers) can not trim off what is not "culturally" accepted and only believe what we want to believe from the bible. We must take God's truth and apply it in our life. It should be a battle of truth not a battle of what is accepted in our society. Righteousness doesnt come from keeping the law, it was not given to save people. The ten commandments were given to let people know that they need to be saved. This presents the question, if the law cant save us, Why did God give us the law?
1. The 10 commandments condemn sin (right vs. wrong) Example: the speed limit-is the law, you choose todo it or not. You may not "feel" like going the speed limit or agree with it, but it is the law.
2. Convict the sinners- Example- the odometer on your car
3. Conducts you to the Savior- Example- when you try to decide if you want to slow down or not and then you see the blue lights in your rear view mirror. You are held accountable for your action. Can you imagine if you knew you broke the law, broke it anyhow, got caught, and the judge said, "I will pay the fine for you". This is exactly what God has done for you. As Christians, the commandments conduct our way of life.

The walk through the garden of Eden prompted many very good questions! Kendall asked us who came first Adam or Eve? The visual exhibits helped her absorb so much more than we could have ever expected!

These dinosaurs roared and moved! Kendall would not get near them. The museum was filled with dinosaurs and artifacts with explanations as to how they fit into the God's creation of the world.

Brenon had fun, but he was ready for a nap by the time it was all said and done...

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