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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas 2007
One of Kendall's favorite songs that she sang this season was about her candy cane. She has been singing it nonstop, "Oh, I took a lick of my peppermint stick and it tasted really yummy. It used to be on my Christmas tree but now its in my tummy!" She enjoyed spending time with her cousin and sharing a candy cane with her!

We are so blessed to have our family and friends so close. We were able to see most of our family including both sets of the grandparents on Christmas day.

We celebrated early with my sister. We got spoiled with almost a whole week of Christmas meals (now it is time for the post holiday diet!)
On Christmas eve, Kendall and Brenon made cookies for Santa. While we were baking, we heard jingles outside our window. Kendall screamed and yelled, she swears she saw Santa Claus run by our window. We told her that Santa would not come leave her presents until she was asleep. To our surprise, she was asleep within minutes after this message!

Brenon was surprisingly interested in the presents. He didnt care anything about opening them, he just wanted to play with the box or the tissue paper. Kendall wore one of her favorite presents most of Christmas morning, which was a princess dress. Most of her presents this year were Disney princess....

Kendall had the whole family playing Elefun, even Nanny!

Last year, my father bought an electric train that he puts around the Christmas tree. Watching this train has become one of Kendall's favorite things to do this time of year. They are now gone to Florida, but they left the Christmas tree and decorations up in their house so the kids could come down and play!

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