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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Great Commission

I havent written on here in a long time. It is so easy just, to document life and share pictures of the kids. But yesterday I had some really simple things that inspired me to write down my thoughts.

Brenon (my 6 month old) is STILL not sleeping through the night. Call it a mom that can't let her baby cry it out and fall asleep on his own, call it what you will, but he is not sleeping through the night. So, after a restless night on Saturday, we expected a nice restful day on Sunday. We got up and went to church. When we got home, we completely expected Brenon to take a nice nap and we could all relax. This was not the case at all. Instead, Brenon needed alot of attention and holding time pretty much all day. We decided to pack up the family and go shopping. After our shopping trip, we went out to eat for dinner. At the restaurant, Brenon cried pretty much the whole time. We had to have our dinner put in boxes and ate it at home.

Larry and I were talking on the way home about how this was just a waste of time and money. It wasn't until we were on the way home that we realized that our dinner out was not about us having a "nice dinner" at all. As with everything, God has his own plan, it isn't always about what we "think" it should be about.

When we had arrived at the restaurant, we were seated with another family with 4 children. Kendall had introduced herself to them. Shortly after we ordered, Kendall told her daddy she needed to tell the other children about God, specifically the ten commandments. Our shy little four year old then proceded to get up and walk over to the other side of the table to share God with the others. Not only that, all four children intently listened to her; even the older ones. She was very proud of herself. We were very proud of her. If only we could be more like her. She was doing what we are all suppose to do but we are too scared or ashamed to do so. She was sharing the word of God with others!!! Can you even imagine a better reason for us to have a horrible dinner experience out? What a great example she is to us.

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