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Monday, July 02, 2007

Our beach beauty!

Kendall thought it was so great that she got to wear her "princess dress" on the beach!

We just got back from a great trip with the family to Hilton Head! We did our usual trip to the Salty Dog and the whole family got shirts, including Brenon. We also enjoyed the play area at Harbor Town, Kendall is at a great age to enjoy it!

Kendall had just finished swimming lessons before we left on our trip. We rented a house with a pool and it made a huge difference for her swimming skills by the end of the week. She was jumping off the side of the pool quicker than we could catch her and we couldnt get her out of the water!

Brenon had some lazy days in his activity play dome....this was a lifesaver for us. He slept in this while we played at the beach and the pool. He is such an easy-going baby. He smiles most of the time now and has the sweetest temperment.

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